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Express proofreading main business is a fraud. They can’t handle your prerequisites. The whole firm based on deception. This review will tell you the whole story of this firm.

Steps to register

2) How to sign up for academic needs

Step 1:

On the right side of the page, you will find a button that says "order now", Click on it.

Step 2:

Then fill in the info i.e. name country info etc., your requirements, and then your price.

Step 3:

After feeling the required info, upload your documents.

Step 4:

Then submit

Services Provided

They are not equipped with the services list means that they offer you all kind of writing services. But don’t believe them. They just sell deception.


Their prices talk to the sky. Express proofreading demands $26 for 2 pages proofreading. When it comparable to market-rate then it is 2 to 3 time high. This is not sensible.

VIP and Loyalty Programme

They are not equipped with any VIP and loyalty program.

Quality of work 

The works substances are delivered by express proofreading. Citations, references and formats are all wrong. The whole paper is faulty. Besides, they don’t offer a revision after work submission.

Customer Support 

Customer care services are rubbish. They insult you with abusive language when you question materials. They also threaten to catch up with your university so you can't beg your money back.

Safety and Security 

They steal your debit card details and then steal all of your amounts. They don’t guarantee your privacy.

Payment Methods 

Their payment method is also unknown. So you will ask them before paying.

Quality of Writers 

Express proofreading has an inadequate staff of writers who are not qualified nor aboriginal English speakers. They don’t have writing experience.

Final Quality of Work (Plagiarism) 

A lot of plagiarism is included in their work. They can’t help you. They don’t use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.


They don’t guarantee anything.


No discount is given to you.

Our Conclusion 

We conclude that they are not trustworthy for working with. Express proofreading is cheater corporation. They don’t have worth to offer you writing. We don’t recommend them.





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