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Academiawriting is a writing company promising to deliver the best writings that will get you high grades. However, the customers have been disappointed by their services. How they are working is going to be described in the following review.

How to sign up for academic needs

Step 1:

On the top right side, you will find the ‘order now’ button. Click it

Step 2:

Now, you will put order requirements and personal info.

Step 3:

You will upload your documents.

Step 4:

Then submit it.

Services Provided

In Academiawriting services, you will find all kinds of writing services with this company. However, the quality of academiawriting services is not good. So do not rely on them for your writings need.


Academiawriting is not economically friendly. Academiawriting are all scammers and fraudulent. Academiawriting is an expensive company in terms of prices as you will give them $34 for single page writings. Academiawriting is a very unreasonable price they charge. So avoid academiawriting at all costs.

VIP and Loyalty Programme

There is no VIP program available with academiawriting company.

Quality of work

Academiawriting is confident about own self, therefore, Academiawriting have provided writings sample on the company site. After investigating those samples thoroughly, you will get to know that they are worst in writings. You will find redundancy problem, slung words, incorrect references, the contradiction between references and citations, formats issues.

Customer Support 

Very awful customer care services are provided by academiawritings. Academiawriting stubborn agents do not bother to respond to your queries. Even these agents do not have professional ethics and morals of dealing with customers. So do not waste your time on Academiawriting.

Safety and Security 

Their site is secure but academiawriting do not have a privacy policy. Academiawriting cannot help you with your writings. We do not suggest academiawriting for you.

Payment Methods 

Paypal, visa, master card, American Express, and discovered are allowed by them to pay them.

Quality of Writers 

There are no writers' details on academiawriting site. However, past customers suggest that academiawriting are bad in their writings. Academiawriting cannot help you with quality materials. Overall, we do not recommend academiawriting.

Final Quality of Work (Plagiarism) 

It has been reported by past customers of academiawritings that their papers were plagiarized around 67%. This means that academiawriting are involved in piracy. Academiawriting do not use Turnitin. Academiawriting use some cheap software.


A guarantee of a 100% refund is available on their site, but when you requested it they threaten you to contact the university. So do not trust academiawriting for their frauds.


Academiawriting claim to provide a 10 % discount on the first order, but this cannot help you because their prices are expensive.

Our Conclusion 

Academiawriting company is involved in frauds and scams. Academiawriting is not legally working. Academiawriting are unregistered and looting students. By not taking their services, you can discourage them from doing fraud. Overall, we do not recommend academiawriting.



Very very bad company.I can't complete my phd works because they concentrate only for money. They are not a proffessional employees.

Karter is not recommended to others because they are totally a fraud. They are rude, not fair and honest like a professional. Using their services for your academics is a foolish decision on the students.


They fail to respond on time and provide satisfactory services to their customers. They are not recommended by previous buyers who use their essay writing service for their academic purpose. They are expensive and in order to ask for money back, they start threatening their clients.

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