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Academicwriter is considered a writing company. however, the fact is that academicwriter is a fake company. Academicwriter site is not reachable. No internet browser can open academicwriter company. So, do not use academicwriter company. In the following, we are going to review this company.

How to sign up for academic needs

Step 1:

Academicwriter do not have an order button.

Step 2:

You are not needed to put your details.

Step 3:

You cannot upload documents

Step 4:

You can not submit an order.

Services Provided

Services of writings are not given by academicwriter company. So, do not give any patronage to academicwriter.


As academicwriter company is not reachable and also never has been used by anyone, so their prices rates are not available.

VIP and Loyalty Programme

There is no VIP system available on academicwriter site.

Quality of work

As academicwriter company has never been used by students for writings, their writers quality is not known. Due to their frauds, they have never been used by students.

Customer Support 

Academicwriter do not have customer care services.

Safety and Security 

Academicwriter is not a secure site, so do not use your debit card on academicwriter site. Google Chrome says that your connection to academicwriter is not secure. Your debit card can be hacked easily by hackers.

Payment Methods 

Academicwriter payment method is not known to anyone.

Quality of Writers 

In quality, Academicwriter company is fake. Academicwriter cannot help you.

Final Quality of Work (Plagiarism) 

Overall, Academicwriter is a fake company.


You cannot find any guarantee given by academicwriter to customers.


You cannot get discounts from academicwriter.

Our Conclusion 

Overall, we do not recommend academicwriter company. Academicwriter are fraudulent. Academicwriter site is unreachable. Therefore, we do not recommend academicwriter site.



Bad service. Wouldn't advise! The dissertation was very bad and poor writing!


The prices for the thesis are not affordable for students. They are charging high and the reason is very cheap that “it is a research work”. They never offer any package to customers. They are trapping innocent people with different tricks and making cash for them.

Tucker claims that they are affordable but is realty they are not. The price of the articles are high that’s not payable for the students.

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