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Assignmentarena is another company stating that their services will empower you to enjoy academic success with ease and confidence. This is wrong. We will tell you the entire story about this company in the following review.

How to sign up for academic needs

Step 1:

You will find “order now” In the top of this site. Just click it.

Step 2:

Now you are required to put your info.

Step 3:

Upload your documents

Step 4:

Submit it

Services Provided

Coursework and assignments are their core services. These few services will not help you throughout your academic career.


Prices of assignmentarena are not high as the starting price of this company is $7. But do not make hurry decision to vail assignmentarena services because their writings are full of faults. Your money will waste.

VIP and Loyalty Programme

There is no VIP program on assignmentarena site.

Quality of work

The good thing is that share samples of writings. But the bad news is that the quality of assignmentarena writings is terrible. There are 4 samples which are all written in Harvard styles. No other formats have been used by assignmentarena. However, we examined one of the papers named “ Water Management and Planning’. Assignmentarena is totally wrongly written. The introduction, body and conclusion are not corresponding. So for quality writings do not contact this Assignmentarena.

Customer Support company assured to make available 24/7 live support. Nonetheless, Assignmentarena is not true. Their representatives are persistent and lethargic in response. do not care for their customers and do not support them with an order. The clients' instructions are also ignored by them. Consequently, do not work with Assignmentarena.

Safety and Security 

Assignmentarena state to provide privacy to your information but this is not true. The clients have protested that steal clients personal and financial info and hack their bank account. So, we urge you to not use your debit card on assignmentarena company site.

Payment Methods 

You can pay assignmentarena via visa, master card, American Express, and wire transfer.

Quality of Writers 

Despite having no data about authors on assignmentarena site, the past client reviews show that they are unqualified and lack writing knowledge. Expecting quality work from their writers will, certainly, disappoint you.

Final Quality of Work (Plagiarism) 

The final quality of work is copied around 53%. Assignmentarena are involved in piracy despite knowing that plagiarized writings are not permitted in universities. Assignmentarena do not use Turnitin. Assignmentarena use some cheap software.

Guarantees guarantee the privacy of your information, but this is a fake guarantee.


On the official site of assignmentarena you will see 20 % discount offer. But, this is not provided by assignmentarena during the placement of order.

Our Conclusion 

Assignmentarena is an arena of fraud and cheating. Their stated location is not true. are unlawfully functioning from some far region of India. Also, Assignmentarena promise to give unlimited revision but this is not true as they do not give revision after order submission. Therefore, we do not recommend assignmentarena.



I received my final assignment after two days of deadline in two part and that was my worst experience with assignmentarena.


The site claims that they will write original, well researched, and unique content on each criterion but the real situation has a very horrible picture. The customers find plagiarized content when they receive their orders.

Josie fails to develop company trust. They are not honest with their commitments that they made. They are unable to follow their own goal. If a company itself fails to achieve its goal then how can it achieve yours?

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