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Assignmentking is another fake writing company. Their site is not all about writings. They state on their site that this domain is available for sell. Today we are going to review this company.

How to sign up for academic needs

Step 1:

There is no order button on this company site.

Step 2:

You cannot submit your requirements.

Step 3:

You cannot upload documents

Step 4:

They do not accept orders.

Services Provided

This is not a writing site. Assignmentking domain is available for sell. They will certainly disappoint you.


If you are interested to buy this site, you will pay them $400. But this is not a writing company.

VIP and Loyalty Programme

They do not have a VIP system.

Quality of work

Quality of writing regarding assignmentking is not identified because they have never been used for writings by students. You will not find offsite reviews concerning this firm. Do not visit this site.

Customer Support 

There are no customer care services available on their site.

Safety and Security 

You can see, after visiting this site, a not secure icon on the top left side of your browser. This means that they do not care and keep safe your information. This is a risky company.

Payment Methods 

There is no payment method available on their site.

Quality of Writers 

Writers are not hired by assignmentking. Currently, this is not working as a writing company. you should find some other firm for your help.

Final Quality of Work (Plagiarism) 

We cannot comment about the final quality of work relating to this site.


They do not give guarantees.


There are no discount offers available on their site.

Our Conclusion 

Overall, assignmentking is fake writing company. This is not working as a writing company. Currently, they are selling their domain. So, we do not recommend them.



Don't use! My paper was awful. The writer didn't follow instructions and the English made little sense.


The writers of this site claim that they provide more than 35 writing offers with perfection on different academic topics but in reality they are unable to provide one writing offers with perfection. The authors are unprofessional and incapable of creating even one single sentence with correct structure.


The price that they charge against 1 article or assignment is not affordable for students. They mention that customers can pay in installments but if you cancel your order they will not pay back that installments. They claim that the students can also generate their offers, if they do so the writer will not agree upon it.

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