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Introduction fails to deliver quality that is remotely satisfactory. Their written content lacks originality and coherence, often making little sense to readers. Despite their claims of being the best, their work does not align with this portrayal. Instead, they deceive students into believing they offer superior services. In reality, operates as a fraudulent entity, employing various deceptive tactics to scam unsuspecting individuals. Their practices highlight a lack of integrity and ethical conduct, preying on vulnerable students who seek genuine academic support. It's evident that cannot be trusted and should be avoided at all costs to prevent falling victim to their schemes.

Pricing's lack of transparent pricing is a significant red flag for potential clients. Instead of clearly outlining their rates on their website, they require customers to engage in email discussions to determine pricing. This opaque approach suggests that Assignmentmaster may charge clients based on their own discretion rather than offering fair and standardized rates. As a result, clients are left in the dark about how much they will be charged, making it impossible to budget effectively. This lack of pricing transparency further erodes trust in Assignmentmaster and raises concerns about the fairness and integrity of their billing practices. Potential customers should proceed with caution when considering Assignmentmaster for their academic needs.

Quality of work's reluctance to share writing samples speaks volumes about their lack of confidence in their services. By withholding samples, they prevent potential clients from assessing the quality and suitability of their work. Reports from past customers further support this lack of confidence, with many citing issues such as incorrect content and poor writing standards. This focus on quantity over quality suggests that Assignmentmaster prioritizes completing tasks quickly rather than ensuring accuracy and excellence. Given these concerns, it's evident that Assignmentmaster may not be equipped to handle the complexities of academic papers effectively, making them a risky choice for students seeking reliable assistance.

Customer Support 

Assignmentmaster is the worst company in customer care services. Assignmentmaster cannot help you with your writings. So do not give Assignmentmaster any patronage. Their officials lack professionals ethical values of dealing with customers. Their tone gets changed from good to worst when you placed an order.

Writer Quality  

The writers employed by Assignmentmaster lack the expertise and qualifications expected of masters in writing. Contrary to their name, Assignmentmaster does not boast a team with master's or PhD qualifications. Instead, their writing quality falls far below acceptable standards, resembling the work of high school students. Reports indicate that a significant portion of their orders are plagued by plagiarism, with content often being half-copied or unoriginal. Entrusting assignments to Assignmentmaster proves to be a futile endeavor, resulting in wasted time and money for clients seeking quality academic assistance.

Delivery Quality

Assignmentmaster's website is a source of disappointment, often delivering unstructured and plagiarized content to its clients. The authors employed by the site demonstrate a glaring inability to generate original and innovative projects, resulting in subpar work that lacks depth and creativity. Rather than offering fresh perspectives and novel ideas, Assignmentmaster's output frequently consists of recycled content that fails to meet academic standards. This deficiency in quality and originality reflects poorly on the company's reputation and undermines its credibility as a provider of academic assistance. Clients are left feeling cheated and dissatisfied, having entrusted their assignments to a service that falls short of delivering the promised excellence.


Assignmentmaster state on official site that they give an assurance that their works will be exceptional and unique, but Assignmentmaster is not right. Furthermore, Assignmentmaster promise 100% refund but this is also a fake promise because they threaten clients to contact university when you requested a refund.


Assignmentmaster's purported concession schemes are far from genuine; they seem to be nothing more than a ploy to lure in unsuspecting customers. Despite advertising these schemes, they consistently find excuses to invalidate them, often claiming that promo codes have expired when customers attempt to redeem them. This tactic reflects a deliberate attempt to deceive and manipulate clients, eroding trust and credibility. By reneging on their promises of discounts and concessions, Assignmentmaster reveals their true intentions—to exploit customers for financial gain rather than provide legitimate benefits or incentives. Such deceptive practices only serve to tarnish their reputation and dissuade potential clients from engaging with their services.

Our Conclusion 

We strongly advise against using Assignmentmaster for several compelling reasons. Firstly, the company's claimed location appears to be misleading, as it is purported to be based in the UK, but in reality, it operates from a remote region of India. This lack of transparency about their actual location raises questions about the legitimacy and credibility of Assignmentmaster's operations. Additionally, their refusal to provide revisions after order submission further undermines their reliability as a service provider. This lack of willingness to address client concerns or make necessary improvements suggests a disregard for customer satisfaction and quality assurance. In light of these concerning factors, it is prudent to avoid engaging with Assignmentmaster to prevent falling victim to potential scams or substandard service.



After having dealt with the horrible customer support team, I can only wonder how bad their writing team is. The support executive I got to talk to, was so rude and slow that I had to drop the idea of taking their help right away!


The site delivered unstructured and copied content to their clients. The authors are incapable of producing good and fresh projects with new and clever ideas.

Amy is an online service but its quality is not at all servable. The content they write is not 100% original and does not make any sense. They are making students fool buy presenting them as they are best. This company is a fraud who is scamming people with different tricks.

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