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Assignmentmojo is a writing company stating that they are the best firm working in the UK. But this is a false statement because they have not shared their physical address. Assignmentmojo operate from some far area of India. To expose their more frauds, we are presenting them in the following review.

How to sign up for academic needs

Step 1:

You will find “order now” In the top of this site. Just click it.

Step 2:

Now you are required to put your info.

Step 3:

Upload your documents

Step 4:

Submit it

Services Provided

There are services page on Assignmentmojo site but it only shows ‘do my assignment”. In the subject area, Assignmentmojo offer biology, maths, physics, history, chemistry, social sciences and so on.

Pricing is not a services-oriented company but money-oriented because their services are not known while pricing system has given on site. There are three kinds of price plans offered by this company such as standard 2;2, extended 2;1, and platinum first class. However, Assignmentmojo have not mentioned what these plans mean.

VIP and Loyalty Programme

In the loyalty program, Assignmentmojo offer quick delivery. However, Assignmentmojo promises are never fulfilled. Their delivery is often delayed.

Quality of work

Despite claiming that their services are best from the rest of the writings companies, Assignmentmojo do not provide samples of their writings. Students do not know their work quality before placing order. Assignmentmojo accept all subjects while their expert qualifications are not known. So do not work with assignmentmojo.

Customer Support 

Claiming on-site to support customers 24/7, Assignmentmojo will always irritate you. Their representatives are not helpful. Assignmentmojo have been reported for abusing clients when they asked refund. Assignmentmojo blackmail them to contact the university. So, blackmailers are not reliable for your writings.

Safety and Security do not guarantee the safety and security of clients details. There is also no privacy policy on assignmentmojo site. So working with assignmentmojo is a big risk.

Payment Methods 

Assignmentmojo accepts visa, master card, Paypal, and discovered.

Quality of Writers 

Assignmentmojo hire unqualified writers whose basic English skills are worst. Assignmentmojo are not the best in their writings. Their writings are not original nor unique. You cannot get benefit from their productions.

Final Quality of Work (Plagiarism) 

Overall, their papers are plagiarized. Assignmentmojo steal contents from Wikipedia and deliver without modification. Assignmentmojo do not use Turnitin. Assignmentmojo use some cheap software.

Guarantees guarantee unlimited revision. But after order submission, Assignmentmojo do not give revision.


Assignmentmojo provide a 25% discount but only if you are willing to sign up this site. Do not sign up this site, because your personal and financial information is not safe with Assignmentmojo.

Our Conclusion 

Overall, we do not recommend assignmentmojo. There is no single issue with this firm, but the entire system is based on scams and frauds. Innocent students are their targets. Assignmentmojo care less for you and your writing needs.



I paid almost 400 Canadian dollars only to get a D on my assignment. Even after saying multiple times to follow the assignment instructions thru never did. Moreover i asked them for money back and they refused! I hope no one ever wastes their money on this shitty website.


The writers of the site have at least a master's degree and 2 to 5 years’ experience in different academic fields. However, with this extensive background they are still unable to write content in refined and reliable language. They use common language rather than academic writing.


This company is not trustworthy because what they said does not implement it. The customers are not secure in the hands of writers because they are cheating on them. Trust should be first priority but they are in vain to build it.

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