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Another fake and scams company is working as assignmentservice. Assignmentservice site can not be accessed. You should ignore them at all cost.

How to sign up for academic needs

Step 1:

You cannot find order now button.

Step 2:

You do not need to put your info.

Step 3:

Do not upload your documents.

Step 4:

You cannot submit an order.

Services Provided

Services are assignmentservice are not recognized since their services have never been availed by any pupils. So getting a vibrant idea about their services is not conceivable.


One more evilness is that this corporation price plans are also unidentifiable. The reasons are that they have never been used for writings by any clienteles. You cannot find an offsite review regarding this corporation.

VIP and Loyalty Programme

Their VIP and loyalty programs are not available on the assignmentservice site.

Quality of work

Quality of work regarding assignmentservcie is a ghost for the reason that their services and prices are not known. Likewise, no one can tell you about assignmentservice services.

Customer Support is one of the fake corporations is for the reason that its site could not be reached. Google chrome denied your access to assignmentservice company. it is the unopenable site.

Safety and Security 

As assignmentservice is a false corporation, assignmentservice site is not secure. They google chrome browser shows ‘insecure icon’ on the top left side of the search bar. When you click it tells you that “your connection to this site is not secure, therefore, do not enter your debit card details because it can be stolen by Hackers easily from here”. So ignore assignmentservice.

Payment Methods 

Payment is also unidentifiable.

Quality of Writers 

Assignmentservice does not have authors. Assignmentservice is not a writing firm, but a fake firm.

Final Quality of Work (Plagiarism) 

We were unable to tell you about the final quality of their work at that moment.

Guarantees cannot guarantee anything for you.

Discounts is a fake company so do not expect writings services from them.

Our Conclusion 

Overall, we do not recommend assignmentservice. Assignmentservice is a fake company. its site could not be accessed by internet browsers. So, trying to open it will waste your quality time.



What a waste of money! I would prefer going out for a pizza party rather than using this incompetent assignment writing service!


The trust of the customers on this site is not strong because they are scamming the people with different threats and thick. If any student demands a refund they start threatening them that they will complain to their school or college.


The writing expression of writers is very poor. The way they talk to their clients is very disgraceful. The writers use layman language in the dissertation. The attitude of writers shows a lack of experience and poor professionalism.

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