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When it comes to some of the most highly paid jobs no doubt writing is one of them. And if you are an online writer there is more to it, you can earn handsome amount of money for few hours of work. But unfortunately few companies take it only for money and not for providing with good services. is one such website.


Assignmenttutor company claims to have a team of writers who are expert and competitive, yet it fails to provide any of their writers or info or share their profile. Which is a question mark. If they are so expert why hide them? Actually Assignmenttutor are conning innocent people. Why I am saying that? Well its simple Assignmenttutor company claims to have expert writter for the job but still doesn’t share its writer’s profile on their official website. Which in other words is compromise on quality of their service.

Steps to register

You cannot register with Assignmenttutor website as it doesn’t provide any such option. All you have is a login page which itself look like error as it is for already existing accounts and doesn’t show any option to create new account.


Their pricing is too high for any normal person with normal income. Their standard package for any writing with 24 hours urgency is £23.99... Which is too costly. Moreover these people are fraudsters and scammers. Not only they charge you more than the average pricing of the market but also they don’t deliver the work sometimes and block you as soon as you make the payment. So be safe!

Plagiarism don’t provide any kind of samples that could be check for plagiarism. So their plagiarism and quality of work can’t be judged. Moreover there are only good reviews displayed on their website and those good reviews look like fake as Assignmenttutor are only names and quotes.

Quality of Work

Ass per reports deliveries are wrong, always late, plagiarized and poorly written. There are lot of mistakes regarding spellings and grammar.

Services Offered provide different kind of writing services such as buy course-work, write course- work, law assignment, nursing assignments and many more but they are never going to deliver it once they have collected the payment and your money will be gone forever.

Grade Expectation

Trust me if you want grades, don’t buy Assignmenttutor services because I don’t think so any teacher would like an assignment full of plagiarism, punctuation and grammar mistakes and in some cases wrong content or if the assignment is late than deadline atleast I wouldn’t if I were a teacher. So our advice to you is to do your assignment on your own or find a better service provider.

Customer Support provide you with a phone number, and email id accompanied by social accounts such as Facebook, twitter, skype and whats app. but still there is no mentioning of physical address which is necessary for client’s trust. All this mean that Assignmenttutor can’t be tracked once they have connected you.

Saftey and Security 

Assignmenttutor website acknowledges the safety and security of every information regarding it customer in its privacy policy. Yet there is no guarantee of safety of information with companies like these. Especially when there are reports of misconduct, late deliveries, wrong and false content.


So, Assignmenttutor company with costly prices, doesn’t provide much information about the company, has no proper customer support and cannot be tested for plagiarism is surely no company to trust. Overall Rating: 1/5

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