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Online writing service has become more of a need these days then a fashion. We are so busy in in our daily life chores that we don’t have enough time for home-works and assignments. And since the life has become hard for students of this era, online writing service comes quite helpful. But not every online writing service is provider is as good as it claims, some are real frauds and scams. is one such website and today we are going to review it.


Writers of Assignmentwritingservice company are not as professional as Assignmentwritingservice claims. After all even the website has no strong proof behind this claim. are no professional record and no academic certificates shown to prove it. Rather these writers are amateur’s free-lancers who just do the job to earn some extra pocket money. But the problem is that there is a far difference between writing of professional and amateurs. And you probably won’t get the quality which you have been promised.

Steps to register

As much as registering on a Assignmentwritingservice is concerned their services come without this opportunity. Though registering can be very successful in keeping a record of your orders and payments but still Assignmentwritingservice company doesn’t care about its customers. Why? Well registering is helpful for customers and a headache for scam websites as it sizes their opportunity to play fraud with customers as Assignmentwritingservice already have record of everything which can be used to sue such websites. That is one main reason why Assignmentwritingservice company doesn’t provide you with such facility.


Assignmentwritingservice website doesn’t even provide you with a general pricing plan thus making a huge opportunity for itself to loot you. How? Well it’s simple if there is no universal pricing plan then Assignmentwritingservice are going to charge you whatever they want and you might end up running out of your pockets.


According to a source and previous customer of Assignmentwritingservice site their work is fully plagiarized and Assignmentwritingservice do it without any shame. If you complain Assignmentwritingservice simply hang up and bock you.

Quality of Work

Assignmentwritingservice content is poorly written, mean, punctuation, grammatical, spelling errors, plagiarized work, wrong and false content, improper format of citation and late deliveries. You can’t expect quality from Assignmentwritingservice.

Services Offered

Assignmentwritingservice do provide nearly all kind of writing and in nearly all kind of formats but who cares if deliveries are going to be late and terrible. It’s not worth your hard earned money at the end of the day.

Grade Expectation

Seriously if you still think you can get a grade you are a fool. After submitting late assignment it a lot of errors in it you are not going to get any grade but ‘F’. It’s better for your own good to look for another respectable company in the market.

Customer Support 

Assignmentwritingservice customer support staff is sluggish, stubborn and un-professional. Assignmentwritingservice use abusive language with customers, doesn’t respect them, try to create argument on little things and often hang up if loosing those arguments.

Saftey and Security 

Their safety and security policy consist of a lot of loopholes that at the end of the day are going to benefit them and them only.


Based on all of this we rate them 1/5.

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