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In writings services, one name is considered as bestassignmentwriter. However, the truth is not so. Bestassignmentwriter site URL could not found. In the following, we are going to review this company.

Steps to register

Step 1:

You cannot place an order.

Step 2:

You will not be allowed to put your requirements.

Step 3:

There is no way to upload your documents.

Step 4:

You cannot submit an order.


You cannot use examine their pricing rates because this URL does not exist. Therein you will see “not secure” icon on the top left side of your internet search bar. It says that you connect to this site is not trustworthy. Your credit card can be hacked by hackers easily from here. So, do no enter your debit card information on this company site.

Quality of Work

As bestassignmentwriter is a fake company, no one can tell you about their work quality. You should find some other firm for your writing needs.

Main Service do not offer writing services. Bestassignmentwriter site has been blocked due to unknown reason. So, keep a distance from them.

Customer support while placing order

There are no customer care services available on bestassignmentwriter site.

Writer Quality 

Bestassignmentwriter do not have writers. bestassignmentwriter is a scam company.

Delivery Quality 

Bestassignmentwriter do not have writers. bestassignmentwriter is a scam company.

Communication with Writer 

As bestassignmentwriter do not have writers you cannot communicate with them.


You should keep a distance from bestassignmentwriter.


Bestassignmentwriter is a scam company.

Payment Method 

No payment method is available on bestassignmentwriter site.

Why not use this site 

Overall,bestassignmentwriter is a fake company. bestassignmentwriter site is inaccessible and unopenable. Therefore, we do not recommend bestassignmentwriter.



This site is terrible. Save your money and save your time! i provided a picture taken from the museum, provided the copy paste of what the art teacher required and 24 hours later the writer came back with a totally different picture from an online source and wrote a 1 page paper instead of a 4. When you chat, these people have copy paste responses almost like computurised. They delay you by saying they will look into it and leave you no time to go elsewhere and no exam paper to turn in. Please save your grade and do not choose them.


The charges they choose for the essay writing are not affordable for the students. The students are treated by them in a very inhuman way. If any students want to refund the money. Instead of doing that they start threatening them. They are scamming them by saying that they will send a complaint to the school.


The work they delivered was not according to my requirements. Their writing style shows that they are not native English speakers. The sentences are ambiguous and do not make any sense. This company fails to facilitate students with quality work.

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