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Another fake company name is britishediting. Because the site of this company is inaccessible. are fraudulent and scammers. Britishediting will not help you with writings. Today we will review them.

Steps to register

Step 1:

You can not find the order now button on this site.

Step 2:

You can not give them requirements.

Step 3:

You cannot upload your documents on this company site.

Step 4:

You cannot submit an order.


Britishediting is a fake company. Britishediting site server IP address could not be found. The worrying thing about britishediting is its insecure website. When you will try to visit britishediting, you will see the “not secure” icon on your browser. So, overall, britishediting cannot help you. can steal your debit card details.

Quality of Work

There is an offsite review about this site which indicates that their writing were worst in quality. However, it seems not real because britishediting site is never openable by any internet browser. You find some other firm for your writing needs.

Main Service

The main services of britishediting company have been cited by past users as editing. But their reviews are not trustworthy for the reasons that the britishediting site is not accessible.

Customer support while placing order site lack customer care services. Britishediting cannot provide writing help. are all scammers and fraudulent.

Writer Quality 

When the site of Britishediting is not reachable, expecting writers and authors from them is not wisdom. You should find some other firm for your help.

Delivery Quality cannot deliver writing services.

Communication with Writer 

Their writers are unidentified, so you cannot contact britishediting.

Guarantee do not give guarantees.


Britishediting do not offer discounts.

Payment Method 

The payment method of britishediting is unrecognizable.

Why not use this site 

Overall, britishediting server IP address could not be reached for the reasons that britishediting is not a company. Britishediting is a fake site. Therefore, we do not recommend britishediting.



They will not deliver and wont return your money. Instead they will give a credit to repeat your mistake and submit your next task to them and the loop continues..:D never ever do it!


The client doesn't get any discount supply and customer support if they place their order. The customers don't have any support relating to refund if they cancel their order or dispute it.


The price of requirements mentioned on their website is very high but they don’t provide your project accordingly. They don't even offer discounts to their regular clients even.

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