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Every now and then we use online writing services for our home-works and assignments. And it has become more like habitual for us to leave all our writing worries in the hand of such companies. Where these companies provide peace of mind and ample of time to us some of them can really become a headache, as there can be a lot of fraud and scams. Most of these companies are not even legit. is one such company and we are going to review it today.


Coming to the most important employee of any writing organization, Click2assignment company has no courtesy of acknowledging its writers. don’t share any info regarding them. No names, no academic or professional back grounds, no expertise and the list goes on. This put us and any person with common sense into suspicion of Click2assignment company being a fraud.

Steps to register with

Well you can register with this website only after buying their services. You would have to provide them with your email and other necessary info regarding the assignment. But once you have done that not only you will start receiving a chain of spam emails but there are also chance of your personal info being leaked. And you would not want that to happen.


As Click2assignment are frauds, so their pricing plan is also worst. For a 24 hours job of 2:2 standard they will charge you £23.50. This is way too much compared to the average pricing of the market as well as considering the level of services that these fraudsters are providing.

Plagiarism work is full of plagiarism and that is also why Click2assignment don’t provide any kind of offline sample to check for plagiarism as their sample are also plagiarized.

Quality of Work

As told above their work is plagiarized, content is poorly written with a lot of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. Click2assignment deliveries are late and sometime late than your school deadline. don’t even have manners of dealing with a customer.

Services Offered 

Click2assignment claim to provide writing service for all kind of assignments but that is fake claim as Click2assignment don’t have professional writers and all these services are just cover ups for their scams.

Grade Expectation 

You cannot and should not expect any grade other than ‘F’ after submitting such a poor quality work to your teacher.

Customer Support 

Click2assignment customer support is pathetic. Click2assignment are abusive, arrogant, stubborn and sluggish. Mostly they don’t reply and if they do somehow, then they will be bashing you for their mistakes. Most of the time Click2assignment will try to create idiotic arguments with you.

Safety and Security 

Like all other fraud companies out there Click2assignment company also try to cover their scams by displaying privacy policy on its website. But that’s only a cover up and nothing more than that.


Based on reports and quality of Click2assignment services we rate them 1/5. And we won’t recommend Click2assignment company to anyone for any reason. Rest if your choice.

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