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We have become habitual of using online writing services for our home-works and a lot of other writing assignments. But one thing that most of us don’t know is that most of the online writing service provider these days are either frauds or fakes. is one such website. Today we are going to review it for you.


First of all the most important thing of any online writing company is its writers. They are the basic assets of such company and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are the actual money making machine. But this company doesn’t acknowledge it’s writers at any place. It doesn’t even write about them anywhere on the website.

According to some reports from the previous customers, claims by this company for professional, native English speaking writers is fake. Writers are amateurs and mostly free- lancers. Their works consist of lots of punctuation and grammar mistakes. I think that’s how they know that writers are amateurs.

Steps to register with

You cannot register with this website because they don’t provide you that option, as they are scammers, and allowing you to register with them would give you an access to keep a track of their work, which a fraudster website wouldn’t want certainly.

All they provide you is an account which you will get after buying a service from them and mark my words, once you have made the payments they will instantly block you.


They charge you £17.49 for 24 hours of 2:2 standard quality work. This pricing is a bit higher than average in the market and for the quality of services you are getting for it, it’s more like burning your hard earned money.


Their work is full of plagiarism and that is why they don’t provide any kind of offline sample to check for plagiarism as their sample are also plagiarized.

Quality of Work

Their deliveries are often late, full of plagiarism, full of punctuation and grammatical errors and sometime wrong content. Their staff is abusive and has no professional ethics of dealing with a customer.

Services Offered 

They offer all kind of essay writting services but these are just cover ups for their actual business of fraud and scams.

Grade Expectation 

Trust me if you want grades, don’t buy their services because I don’t think so any teacher would like an assignment full of plagiarism, punctuation and grammar mistakes and in some cases wrong content.

Customer Support 

As told earlier their customer support staff is not co-operative, they are sluggish and to stubborn to help you in any case. They even lack professional ethics and moral value of dealing with a customer.

Safety and Security 

Like all other fraud companies out there this company also try to cover their scams by displaying privacy policy on its website. But that’s only a cover up and nothing more than that.


Based on reports and quality of their services we rate them 1/5. And we won’t recommend this company to anyone for any reason. Rest if your choice.

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