Ibuyessay.com Reviews

Ibuyessay.com Reviews


Online writing business has nearly conquered internet in terms of online service provider. I mean every student today, who has access to internet, uses online writing services for their home-works and assignment. And why wouldn’t they? These are cheap, done by professional writers, have standards that would help them win A grade and best part they are always completed before deadline. But today we are going to review a website that is infamous for frauds and scams. Today we are going to review Ibuyessay.com.


They do not acknowledge their writers anywhere on the website. Neither does they show their academic degrees nor do the display any proof to support their professional background. The main reason is that their writers are free-lancers and not professional writers.

Steps to register with

You can sign up on this website by clicking sign in on the top right corner and then going to sign up option. All you would have to provide them is your e-mail id, your phone number and your name.

But the question is that this website has already been reported for scams and frauds, would it be safe to register with this company by using your personal mail and number?


They charge you $5.85 for 100 words. They are literally looting you and for what? For worst quality of services. Apart from that this pricing is higher than the average pricing of market.


Their work is full of plagiarism and that is why they don’t provide any kind of offline sample to check for plagiarism as their sample are also plagiarized.

Quality of Work

As told above their work is plagiarized, content is poorly written with a lot of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. Their deliveries are late and sometime late than your school deadline. They don’t even have manners of dealing with a customer.

Services Offered 

They offer all kind of writing services be it essays or assignments but these are just cover ups for their actual business of fraud and scams.

Grade Expectation 

You cannot and should not expect any grade other than ‘F’ after submitting such a poor quality work to your teacher.

Customer Support 

Their customer support is pathetic. They guy on the live chat wasn’t able to answer a single question properly. He was trying to create arguments and was being rude. During 5 mins of our chat he was constantly trying to sell me any of his service rather than answering my queries. He wasn’t telling me any info regarding academic and professional backgrounds of their writers.

Safety and Security 

Like all other fraud companies out there this company also try to cover their scams by displaying privacy policy on its website. But that’s only a cover up and nothing more than that.


Based on reports and quality of their services we rate them 1/5. And we won’t recommend this company to anyone for any reason. Rest if your choice.

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