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Recently writing service has taken over the online market as a new money making machine. Today more people depend on writing services, than before. Either it’s your academic assignment or business work, you have to depend on online writing services now and then. But more and more scam-websites are taking cover under the shadow of these websites. is one such website.


Mypaperwriter website does not mention its writers anywhere on the website. Mypaperwriter is actually shocking because any writing company is always known by its writers. If the writers are good Mypaperwriter company is good ultimately and if the writers are not good than so is not the company. Mostly respected companies treat their writers like a trophy, Mypaperwriter boast about them and display their professional and academic info on website as a showpiece and proud thing.

But that’s not the case with this website. Most of the writers on Mypaperwriter website are free- lancers, not native English speakers and randomly picked up. Which means you’re writing job isn’t in the very best professional hands.

Steps to register with

You can register on mypaperwriter website by clicking on ‘register’ in the top right corner and then providing them with your username and email but it wouldn’t be safe to provide them with your email as spam websites like these can use your email to extract your info out of it and the later use it for other fraud purposes.

Pricing pricing is more than enough, especially when you are a student. Mypaperwriter basic package of 1 page cost you £39.97 if you have and urgency of 24 hours. Moreover haven’t given any info about the standard of the writing and other currency option as well.

Plagiarism work is full of plagiarism and is mostly copy/pasted.

Quality of Work

Quality of work can only be judged by the quality of writer and since there is no mentioning of writer or anything regarding his/her professional or academic background so we cannot judge the quality of their work.

Moreover Mypaperwriter reviews look more like names with quotes so there is no authenticity that can prove their quality of work. There have been reports of miss-conduct, abuse of verbal

Services Offered provide all kind of writing service. But their main job is to scam and loot your hard earned money out of you and you won’t even know how they did it.

Grade Expectation 

Think it yourself, if your assignment is being written by a freelance writer what do you think you would get as a grade? Obviously an ‘F’.

Customer Support says that their customer support is diligent, which is a bit fishy as it provides you only with a number and email id. No physical address nor any social media accounts. Plus their staff is abusive and does not know how to treat a customer. Mypaperwriter are stubborn in their attitude and are always trying to create an argument.

Safety and Security 

Though Mypaperwriter privacy policy say that mypaperwriter will protect your privacy but thugs and frauds like them can never be trusted especially with one’s personal info.


So, Mypaperwriter company with above average prices, that doesn’t provide you with much information about their own-selves, has an improper customer support and cannot be tested for plagiarism is surely no company to trust. Overall Rating: 1/5

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