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When it comes to writing according to other people’s mind, it’s not an easy job. Most online writing services are not as good as readyassignment claim to be. Reason? Writers are not versatile. Most of the times writing is either plagiarized or not well written. is another company that claims to be good. Today we are going to rate them on different criteria’s. Because there are reports of them being fraud.

Writers do boast about their writers like, are masters and PhDs but they fail to prove any of it. doesn’t even share their names, academic and professional details on their webpage. So we were unable to judge the quality of their writers.

Moreover, why would a master or Ph.D. holder would agree for a job such as writing assignments for students?

Readyassignment have no professional writers. Readyassignment use bunch of free lancers for their jobs. So there is no question of quality in this case.

Steps to register with

Registering with a website helps you in placing an order, keeping a track of it and making payments easily. But there is no such case with this website as you cannot register with them. Which makes this website already less secure when it comes to buy Readyassignment services.


Readyassignment don’t provide you with a general pricing plan. That’s another thing fraud companies do. It helps them to charge customers as much as readyassignment want as there is no universal pricing plan.


Like many fraud companies out there this one also doesn’t provide any samples that could be check for plagiarism. But according to a source there work is often copy/pasted and consist of lots of plagiarism.

Quality of Work

Quality of work can be judged on basis of two things:

1. Writers
2. Testimonials
3. Samples

Well talking about the writers, the only point they talk about writers is that Readyassignment have Master and Ph.D. writers. That’s it. There is no other place where Readyassignment mention or acknowledge their writers and there is no more info about them. Because Readyassignment writers are not worth acknowledging. are bunch of free- lancers.

The testimonials are fake as Readyassignment are just names with quotes and there is no academic or professional reference to proof their legitimacy. don’t provide any samples. So based on all things we don’t think that there is even a question about quality here. Readyassignment website itself looks like it was made cheap and was made by some kid.

Services Offered 

Readyassignment provide writing services for homework and assignment help. But that’s of no use as they are bunch of fraudsters and their only job is to loot innocent customers.

Grade Expectation 

With such poor quality of work being delivered, we don’t think so that there is any expectation of good grades or grades at all.

Customer Support 

Readyassignment customer support is worst. don’t have any professional and moral ethics. Readyassignment don’t even know how to deal with customers as they use abusive language and are stubborn.

Safety and Security 

Though their privacy policy say that Readyassignment will protect your privacy but thugs and frauds like them can never be trusted especially with one’s personal info.


We rate them 1/5 for readyassignment are frauds who loot innocent people.

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