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We are living in 2024 where internet has created a new universe. Everything nearly everything is possible in this universe. Most basic thing thin as writing services is also a big part of this universe. Where dissertation services have become beneficiary to all of us it has also become a bae for frauds and scammers. More and more fraud website are coming into this service day by day. is one such company.


Though claim to have home based writers and that their writers hold Masters and Ph.D. degrees but it fails to provide any proof. There are writer’s profile which consist of notes by the writers about their education and previous jobs as well as expertise but there no names so you can’t verify it. All they have are ‘writer number’. Anybody can claim to have studies in Oxford University, but to prove it one would have to show academic degree. That is why we don’t trust researchprospect website.

Steps to register with

You cannot register with researchprospect website. As registering with a website helps you in keeping a track of your order and also in staying in touch with the writer, but don’t provide you such options as these are big time frauds and scams and they would never want you to keep a track of them.


Researchprospect do not provide you with a general pricing plan. provide you a quote only if you provide them with your name, number or email. But that would never be safe as these are reported fraudsters and researchprospect can use your personal info dangerously.

Plagiarism provide you guarantee of zero tolerance to plagiarism but that’s just another cover up. Researchprospect work is copy/pasting from start to end.

Quality of Work work is often late, full of plagiarism, full of punctuation and grammatical errors and always wrong content. Their staff is abusive and has no professional ethics of dealing with a customer. Moreover their work is always plagiarized.

Services Offered offer all kind of writing and dissertation services for academic purpose. But their services are fraud just like researchprospect. Once you have paid them researchprospect are not going to show up again.

Grade Expectation 

Think it yourself, if your dissertation is being written by a writer about whom you dot know anything, and the work consist of lots of grammatical and punctuation mistakes and is plagiarized, what do you think you would get as a grade?

Customer Support 

Researchprospect customer support consist of a live chat, a phone number and an email id. But all that is of no use as these people are never replying on time and when Researchprospect do they are not respectful to the customers.

Safety and Security 

Like all other fraud companies out there this company also try to cover their scams by displaying privacy policy on its But that’s only a cover up and nothing more than that.


Based on reports and quality of Researchprospect services we rate them 1/5. And we won’t recommend researchprospect company to anyone for any reason. Rest if your choice.

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