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We have become habitual of using online writing services for our home-works and a lot of other writing assignments. But one thing that most of us don’t know is that most of the online writing service provider these days are either frauds or fakes.

When it comes to writing according to other people’s mind, it’s not an easy job. Most online writing services are not as good as they claim to be as said above. Reason? Writers are not versatile. Most of the times writing is either plagiarized or not well written. Some are even fraud and scammers. is another company that claims to be good. Today we are going to rate them on different criteria’s.


When it comes to writer’s quality that can’t be judged either because they don’t provide you with any kind of information regarding there writers. Their claim to best writers is not authentic as there is no source behind it. By quality of delivery I can say that writers are amateurs.

Steps to register with

You cannot register on this website but you can sign-up to their newsletter for discount and vouchers. But all this is a big scam to attract as many innocent people as they can. Once you have sign-up with this website you are going to receive dozens of spam mails and there are high chances of your info being leaked to different companies.


They don’t provide you with a general pricing plan. They provide you with a quote once you provide them with your mail. This shows that they don’t want to charge their customers on a balanced universal scale, rather than that they will be charging as much money from you as they want.


They don’t provide any kind of samples that could be check for plagiarism since those samples are already uploaded online and they don’t provide you with any new samples on demand. So their plagiarism can’t be checked.

But according to our sources their work is often plagiarized and when you complain they either block you or abuse you verbally. So it’s basically a gone case.

Quality of Work

A company that cannot acknowledge its writers properly, what do you expect from it. I mean they don’t even have genuine testimonials and samples. Delivery quality is often worst. Work is plagiarized. Content is poorly written, one can easily tell that it is written by some amateur rather than a professional one.

Services Offered 

They provide different kind of services such as business assignment, coursework writing, term paper writing, literature reviews, buy essay, write your essay, custom essay, essay help, lab report, research paper, point, math, proposal, study and report. But this cannot be trusted especially after reports of scams and multiple frauds by them.

Grade Expectation 

Trust me if you want grades, don’t buy their services because I don’t think so any teacher would like an assignment full of plagiarism, punctuation and grammar mistakes and in some cases wrong content. So our advice to you is to do your assignment on your own or find a better service provider.

Customer Support 

Their customer support staff is not co-operative, they are sluggish and to stubborn to help you in any case. They even lack professional ethics and moral value of dealing with a customer. They use foul language and are abusive. Moreover they don’t even exist physically so you can’t check them up personally.

And if you think visiting terms and condition would help that’s also shit because there are so many loopholes in it that you will end up losing a great amount for a single page of writing.

Safety and Security 

The website acknowledges the safety and security of every information regarding it customer in its privacy policy. Yet there is no guarantee of safety of information with companies like these. As fraudsters like these create a lot of loopholes in their policies through which they can escape in case they are being reported.


We rate them 1/5 for their rude customer support, late deliveries, plagiarized work and wrong content.

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