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Recently writing service has taken over the online market as a new money making machine. Today more people depend on writing services, than before. Either it’s your academic assignment or business work, you have to depend on online writing services now and then. But more and more scam-websites are taking cover under the shadow of these websites. Uk- is one such website.


If you go to the about section of site you will find them claiming to have expert writers. Their exact claim is to have M.A and Ph.D. writers who will not only write assignments but will also advise you how to get good grades.

However do not provide you with any kind of strong proof such as academic backgrounds and degree or professional background and past work experience to proof their claim.

Steps to register do not provide any option to register on their website as it will lower their chances of frauds and scams. Registering with any website actually makes it easy for customers to keep a track of their assignment and also in making payments or receiving deliveries. company doesn’t allow it as it reduces their chances to loot your money.

Pricing also do not provide any pricing plan on the website. It is also another way of scamming people. By not providing a uniform pricing plan companies like these try to charge as much as want from needy customers like student.

Plagiarism work is full of plagiarism and is mostly copy/pasted

Quality of Work

Quality in business depends on quality of writer. Unfortunately you don’t know who the writer is, so you don’t know the quality until and unless you try them by paying, which is a lot of risk for a website that has already been flagged for scams and frauds.

But still if you want to know quality than according to a source late and wrong deliveries, plagiarized work, poorly written content and sometimes not doing the job even after taking payments are some of the key characters of this company

Services Offered provide all kind of writing service. But their main job is to scam and loot your hard earned money out of you and you won’t even know how they did it.

Grade Expectation

Think it yourself, if your assignment is being written by a freelance writer what do you think you would get as a grade? Obviously an ‘F’.

Customer Support 

Though provide you with physical address and social ids long with numbers and mailing id but, that doesn’t mean that their customer support is good. You can only check it after experiencing it and trust me are not worth even trying.

Saftey and Security 

Though privacy policy say that they will protect your privacy but thugs and frauds like them can never be trusted especially with one’s personal info.


So, company with above average prices, that doesn’t provide you with much information about their own-selves, has an improper customer support and cannot be tested for plagiarism is surely no company to trust. Overall Rating: 1/5

Why not use this site аrе аll sсаmmеrs. Тhеrеfοrе, сοmраny wіth а сrаzy sіtе, nο tаrіff рlаn, nο іnfοrmаtіοn οn thе аuthοr аnd nο tеstіmοny, сеrtаіnly dοеs nοt dеsеrvе thе trust οf thе сustοmеr. Yοu hаvе tο fіnd аnοthеr сοmраny οn thе mаrkеt. Εvеn іf yοu wаnt tο sеrvе yοu, yοu hаvе tο vіsіt аnd сhесk yοur реrsοnаl sіtuаtіοn. Αt bеst, thе ukessayreviews.сο.uk сlаssіfіеd thеm by 1/5 sіmрly bесаusе рrοvіdеd thеіr numbеr аnd е-mаіl аddrеss.

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